This game was made for the Low Rez Game Jam 2020

Explore the mystical forest of Haze in search of the way out. Watch out for enemies, and look for gear in chests strewn about the place.


Move around: arrow keys or WASD keys
Activate/confirm: Enter or Space
Cancel/open menu: Escape


Code/art : David Jalbert
Music/sound: Aoife Scully


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A very good game that I hope to see the end of soon !


As others wrote the game is quite easy, I never had to use healing items nor any spells besides Hurt (and this only to speed up combat).

That said, the game has a nice Might and Magic feeling to it.

I would remove the ring that gives immunity to sleep from the first chests, and put it in a chest that requires a bit of exploration to find.

Also, I think that simple attack animations for the enemies would improve the experience.

Good job so far, I hope to see the real ending soon

fun game, but maybe too kind to the player. i didn't use my magic and healing items a lot. really enjoyed the graphics, music, and sausage. looking forward to the real ending.


Need mini-map.
I'm lost.

Press escape and choose "map" ;)

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Thx, i try again.


Great game, I feel refreshed myself xD
Just to let you know I found a bug! I was about to open a chest and a enemy showed up, but I still was able to open the chest!
Just to let you know, xD I really enjoy it and want to see the true end! 

Oh damn! Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it!

Yeah, I also had the same thing happen, except I had an empty tile between me and the chest.


Great job! I really liked the enemy sprites, they were quite adorable. The difficulty was on the easy side, I never found myself needing to use the spells or items. I'd be interested in playing more if that's what the credits was hinting at :)

Yeah I didn't have time to balance the game so it turned out incredibly easy. I'll fix that in the next update :)


I'm not generally a big fan of turned based combat but I really enjoyed walking around the gorgeous levels. I want to eat those green bricks.


Well thank you very much :D by all means, have a bite! These bricks are mochi flavored :P