First alpha demo released

After a long time in the making, Krankenheit finally has its first public release!

This was supposed to be an early access release but we decided to make it a free demo instead. We would like to offer some more content and quality for a commercial release but we still wanted to put the game out so we thought that would be the best thing to do right now

So about the game - We want to create a solid classic FPS with gameplay based on player's mobility, rich selection of interesting weapons and handcrafted three dimensional levels.

The demo is an early prototype of the game featuring one non linear level with secrets areas and alternative paths, 4 types of enemies and 5 weapons.

The full game will most likely feature around 10 weapons with alternative attack modes, 30-40 types of enemies (including some bosses), each with several attacks and abilities and multiple death effects and animations. We are also experimenting with destructible environment, creative use of powerups, and also many mutators and game modes that can drastically change the way the game is played.

The main game will consist of three independent episodes. Number of level per each episode is not yet determined, but it will probably be around 5-7. Depends on how efficiently we will be able to playtest them all. We also want to have several standalone levels for different game modes.

We currently have no plans for multiplayer as we want to focus on delivering a solid base game. 

We have plans for a dedicated cheat menu that you can use to experience the game in a whole new way.

Things that are not working perfectly right now - player controls and movement physics, enemy AI, stability and optimisation. We are still working on that. Visuals should get more crisp and detailed in time and the level design more improved and refined with every new level. 

There is a story and narrative behind what's going on in game but it's not the main focus here and the gameplay will never be interrupted for the sake of exposition. there will be a way to understand what's going on but following the story will not be necessary to play and enjoy the game.


Alpha demo for Mac OS X 88 MB
Dec 21, 2018
Alpha demo for Windows 82 MB
Dec 21, 2018

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