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Thanks to your high resilience and your even higher scores on the Universal Weapon Handling Assessment, you were lucky enough to get hired as a security guard for top secret Project EXTRANEÜM (pronounced ex-strain-yum). You had no idea what this project was all about, but you certainly didn't sign up for a total overrun of the facilities by alien looking monstrosities.

Looks like you're doing overtime today. Grab your trusty knife and your standard issue SMG and send these abominations back to hell where they belong.


EXTRANEÜM is a brutal, fast-paced old-school first person shooter with an emphasis on exploration and secret hunting. Shoot monsters and find upgrades as you progress through the laboratories of Project EXTRANEÜM in search for the truth... and a way to put an end to it all.


This game is currently in development, but a free alpha demo is already available for download, which includes most of the features that will appear in the final game.

If you'd like to see more, please consider donating- even a dollar can go a long way in keeping me afloat while I finish the game! :)

Leave a comment and rate the game if you enjoyed it. Any input, whether positive or negative, is greatly appreciated!


Recommended minimum system requirements

- Graphics: geforce gt 1030 / radeon rx 550
- Processor: intel core i3 8300 / amd ryzen 3 1200
- Memory: 4gb


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Extraneum v0.3.1 alpha - windows x64 30 MB

Development log


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The game is on point in terms of gameplay and aesthetics in general as well. Though I kinda wish there was a bit more chaos in the fights. Like maybe have a few melee enemies mixed in with the range enemies and the like. Otherwise, this game is solid.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


good update. i think the enemies should attack a bit faster but i don't want to feel like bad guy only pointing out negative every update so:

stuff you did really well!

the art, weapons, music, and enemies are amazing and fun to fight.

the level design is clear and fun, it has a nice tough mid section when you unlock level 1. 

after replaying some doom mods i gotta say the SMG is one of the best starting weapons in a game i seen!


I played the 0.2 I think. I really like this game and I'm a sucker for things to bring back the 90's. I wish this was longer but I will be closely watching. Give my video a listen!

Devs: There seems to be something funky going on with the sound, trying to change it seemed to not work for me.


Thanks for the video! :D

And yeah I noticed, the settings were broken, but it should be fixed now. My bad!

I just noticed that the music got pretty loud all of a sudden and when I tried to turn it down... But you fixed it so thanks!


Looks a promising doom-style fps. I Played through the first level and the difficulty feels well balanced, with a good variety of enemies.


Played the 0.2.0 build. It definitely takes you back to the early 90s and I don't know about others but I do like hugging walls & spamming E to find secrets. Looking forward to seeing more levels. :) 

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Nice Game, cute Graphics, look forward for updates. :D i've got a Bug i couldn't use my Shotgun i grab them 2 Times but when i equip the Shotgun i can see how many bullet ive had but i don't see any Weapon  graphic and i can't shoot. v.0.3

Thanks for playing! Can you tell me the exact steps you took to find that bug? I couldn't reproduce it on my end.

i can grab the Chainsaw but when i get the Shotgun nothing.

This is what i see wenn i choose the Shotgun.

I see, thanks for the comment. So far I haven't been able to reproduce it so I can't give you a fix yet, but I'll keep an eye out for this bug.


Amazing just AMAZING love it keep it going plz


Extremely solid demo! Absolutely loved the punch of the shotgun, and the overall feel of the game.

The artstyle (while simplistic) Is very appealing and the sprites are well animated.

I truly can't wait for more!


the new update is good. the only thing i have to complain about is that the enemies are doing to little damage now, i feel like the amount of med and armor kits i had far outweighed the damage i was taking. i think keeping the enemy health where it is but buffing there damage would make it a nice "Kill fast, die fast" style


Excellent game for anyone who is a fan of Doom.




I watched for your project about a year, and be happy when noticed you return back to it at twitter some days ago.

And even happier when saw published game!

I have lack of time to play at last days, and even not finished first version. But already want more!


okay this game was incredibly fun! Left me over here feeling like a space cowboy reaping the rewards or chaos at every step 🤣 i would love to know if you plan on expanding on this game because I would love to see more levels, more secrets, more explosions, all of it! Here’s my video on it for you to see my play through. Awesome game!!! 

Thanks a lot for the video! I love your enthusiasm and energy, good job :D


Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed haha 

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funny how a small balance can fix a game so much. a lot what i said in my first comment is now void. 

the gameplay is now rather fun, though i fell like the pistol enemy's have a bit to much health and the shot gun spread is far to wide that is minor compared to how much better this is the previous version. this is why i love David Jalbert. the amount of passion he puts into his work is great. besides secret design being bad i can't think of anything else that is "Bad" everything is mostly good with a bit of eh.

and to David himself. i know you respond to a lot of comments including my last one and i like to see how you take criticism so well. you are one of my favorite devs for a reason. enjoy the five bucks i donated and keep up the good work!


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about itm hopefully it is useful for the development :D

-The concept of the game is great and has those nice "classic" doom vibes.

-The game has well implemented it's gameplay mechanics but it needs A LOT of polish in terms on level design and difficulty curve as I literally got to a point where dying and brute forcing the combat was the only way to progress, it could help if there where more destructible items on the level with drops on them.

-The game visually looks really nice and it fits quite nicely the theme of the game.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Thanks for the video! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time xD It's too bad you didn't find any of the secret weapons and upgrades. Your playthrough definitely helps though, I'm taking notes for the next update :)


Good to hear ^^, you are welcome :D


Amazing work! How do you create levels, which kind of software do you use for that purpose? :)


Thank you! I use the plugin Realtime CSG to create levels in Unity. It's pretty powerful when you get the hang of it :)

Thanks, I will check it out :) 


This game is really cool. It reminds me of old school classic doom games. Good work.


Thanks a lot! :D


You're welcome


    This is so far a very very strong game. Not even a few seconds in and I felt that kick of Doom nostalgia, and that speaks a lot for the excellent music and design.  To say that this game has any lack of effort whatsoever is a gross over exaggeration, and this is evidenced by the small but important details, from the sound design to the particle effects.

    If I were to provide any criticisms it would be the difficulty spike. I've played the game for a bit now and am noticing that even for a classic run n gun, it may be a tad unbalanced in favor of the AI. Even so, this game tells me that you definitely care about making it good quality and so I have faith you will continue working on it. 

    All else aside this has the potential of being an amazing experience for retro lovers and I cannot wait to see where this game goes. Thanks a lot and Godspeed!  

Thank you very much! Actually, I took note of the feedback I received and I already updated the game this morning, so feel free to take a look :)

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this pains me to say because i am a big David Jalbert fan but this is not good... not even kinda.

but first. positives. the music and art is excellent as the norm with David. and the enemy design is great and easy to tell enemies apart. and the level design is rather good at times. also the upgrades are also a good way to spice the doom style up.

but... that is heavily out weighed by the bad.

the enemy's AI is plain and boring. just charges you and that's it. that and they are total bullet sponges that don't give you enough ammo to continue. which would make it tense except that the revive system keeps enemy health so i just ran up to them and stabed them with my knife until i died to slowly waddle them down because i had no ammo. so the no health and no ammo made most of the upgrade useless because you never had enough ammo or health to miss out. that and most of the upgrades are behind secrets and the only secrets i found were wall humping ones which is rather lazy design. the fact i put David Jalbert and Lazy design together in a review means something has gone terribly wrong.

overall with the games wall based secrets, and no up or down looking of doom with the revive system similar to systemshock, seems to be trying to recreate the feelings of retro games which is admirable and has been done before with great success but unlike something like dusk or most doom mods that combined the unique greatness of those games with modern innovation it seems that Extraneüm has taken the path of the wave we had of tank control resident evil inspired games of late and forgot that some things of the past should stay there.

I don't agree with the "lazy design" and "tank control" parts, but it's true that the enemies are not exactly smart or well balanced, and it's something I've been meaning to address in the next update. Still, thank you for your input.


As much as I want to love this, there's just small quirks that need some consideration. Consider the lack of hit stun on enemies, which means they can shave off huge chunks of your health while you're shooting them. The amount of damage done by the enemies feels off too, so the combination of those two things means I spent most of the demo really frustrated rather than having fun.

That being said, it looks and sounds so cool, has a really affecting atmosphere, the guns feel great too. Will definitely continue to follow your progress on this.

Thanks for the feedback! To be honest, I've been thinking the same thing about the enemies and the lack of balance, so you'll be glad to hear that I'm definitely working on it, and the next update will try to correct it, amongst other things. :)

That's great to hear! I'm looking for to it. :D


good retro shooter 

Thanks for the video, glad you had fun :D


Great game.


Thanks a bunch! :D