VectorBoy 2.0 is coming after all, but there's a catch!

I've been saying lately that I don't enjoy working on VB anymore, and I would go as far as to give up entirely on it. But it's not because I don't like VB, on the contrary, I absolutely love it, and am very much proud of it too. However, all the things I wanted to add for version 2.0 were just out of my league, at least for the time being, and to tell the truth, I was completely overwhelmed and just downright dispirited by the amount of work this would require of me (you can blame my anxiety disorder for that). But I've been thinking about it lately, and I do want to make v2.0. However, I'll have to compromise a bit.

For one thing, 3d support is out for now. I could make a rudimentary 3d system, sure, but to make it truly usable, it would take a tremendous amount of work. So for v2.0, it will be 2d only.

Also, editing tools will only have basic functions, as to speed up development. I wanted to add a lot of features, for instance, having the equivalent of the Famitracker chiptune software in VB, but that would be ridiculously complicated. So to keep it realistic, here's the complete list of features I'm planning for v2.0;

  • General
    • Will be available for Windows, OSX, Linux
    • Multi-threading, doesn't freeze anymore when running endless loops
    • Integrated code, graphics, and sound editors
    • 16 colors palette
    • 4 channels chiptune player
    • Code validation
    • Load and save from/to external files
    • Binary data is saved as a base64 string in a comment at the bottom of the lua script, so that other code editors can edit scripts without breaking them
    • Help files embedded in the application
  • Code editor
    • ASCII characters in the range [32, 126]
    • Lua syntax coloring
    • Lines numbering
    • Vertical and horizontal scrolling
    • Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste
    • Multiline code selection, select all
  • Graphics editor
    • Grid canvas with snapping up to 1/64
    • Draw, erase, clear, undo, redo
    • Select individual color for the next line drawn, from a 16 colors palette
    • Animation sequencer
  • Sound editor
    • Pattern-based chiptune sequencer
    • Up to 16 notes per beat, choice of 3 or 4 beats per pattern
    • Four simultaneous channels (square, triangle, sawtooth, noise)
    • Channel overwriting when playing multiple tunes in-game

With that said, I can't tell when I'll be done with v2.0, but it should come eventually. I've been going back and forth with my promises, so I'm keeping my mouth shut this time.

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Maybe you can offload some of this work to the open source community. I would recommend making a git repository, and using a system to track who is doing what. Github is an easy way to do both. Personally, I think I can help with exporting to other platforms, multithreading, base64 binary data, and the animation sequencer.

To be completely honest, I'm incredibly surprised that there are still people who would download and use this software. It was mostly meant as a goof and there's really not much to it to begin with. I still want to say that I'm very grateful for the support this has gotten since I released it. At this point I would rather suggest you extend other LUA game engines like Love2D for instance, they deserve much more attention that Vectorboy, I believe.