Update 0.5.0

It's been 3 months since the last update, and unfortunately I don't have new levels to show. However, I worked hard on adding features and preparing the game for a possible early access launch!

Also, due to my inability to test the Mac and Linux versions at this time, I unfortunately had to remove them. Apologies for those of you who can't use Windows.

This update (0.5.0) introduces the following changes;

  • A damage indicator now tells you where the hit comes from.
  • When you're low on health, a red outline will pulse with your heartbeat to warn you.
  • You can now toggle an automap by pressing Tab.

Hopefully the next update will be the release of the game in early access. More details coming soon!


Extraneum v0.5.0 alpha - Windows x64 31 MB
Nov 07, 2021
Extraneum v0.5.0 alpha - Windows x86 28 MB
Nov 07, 2021


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Great work! Your game feels great to play, and I am looking forward for the early access launch!


Keep on working on it and all best wishes on the coming release.

The hardest part is to finish a game :)

Great work so far.

I have not played it so far but looks promising.


Great to hear! Keep it up, I played it on stream and people really liked it!

Thanks! I really appreciate it :D