Early Access coming soon!

I've been working hard to make it happen, and now I can officially announce it; Extraneum is going to launch in early access on December 15th! It will have a base price tag of $12, and be 50% off for one month. The initial early access build will feature half of the first episode (4 levels out of 8), and by purchasing it in early access, you'll get all subsequent updates, including the final, full version of the game when it comes out.

Why did I choose to release it in early access, you might ask. Well the truth is, I'm barely making ends meet, and your contributions will help me keep working on the game without the added stress of not knowing if I'll be able to pay my next rent. Also it means I'll be able to afford custom music and art.

You can watch the trailer above and let me know in the comments what you think of the game and this early access situation. Thank you, and see you in two weeks :)


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So hyped for this man!


you don't even understand how much I'm waiting for this

bet. love your work man


looking forward to it!