Update 0.7.0

First of all, thank you to everyone who bought a copy of the early access so far! You're fantastic!

I'm afraid I still don't have new levels to show, but a few things have been updated and changed, which I feel deserve a new version number. So, in no particular order, here's what's new and different in version 0.7;

  • The number of secrets and artifacts in each level is now displayed on the world map and the pause menu. The pause menu also shows how many secrets and artifacts you found at any given time.
  • Armor doesn't act like a second health bar anymore. Instead, it reduces the damage taken. From 0 to 100 armor, it reduces damage between 0 and 75%, and from 100 to 200 armor, it reduces damage from 75 to 100%. Attacks will deplete the armor at a normal rate.
  • Tutorial posters now show a black background under the text for increased readability.
  • The current health, armor, and data disks count of the player is shown on the world map.
  • Instead of requiring you to do the level all over again, secret exits are close to the start and take a number of data disks to open.
  • Random messages are shown on the title screen. Quirky!
  • Fixed: Shooting a tentacle mother in a closed space made the player get out of the map.
  • Fixed: Lightposts and other small props were getting the player stuck if you went behind them in a corner.
  • Save files have been slightly reworked so you may or may not lose your progress. Sorry if that's the case.

If all goes well, the next update should have the entire first episode, custom music, and a boss fight! I'm also planning for a Steam release when the first episode is done and ready.

Stay tuned!~


Extraneum v0.7.0 early access - Linux 64-bit 38 MB
Feb 26, 2022
Extraneum v0.7.0 early access - Windows 64-bit 36 MB
Feb 26, 2022
Extraneum v0.7.0 early access - Windows 32-bit 34 MB
Feb 26, 2022

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Good to hear from you :) Nice update, looking forward to trying it out. All the best for the Steam release.